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Plymouth has unveiled an exciting 2019 programme of events as the city hosts its first - and so far only - Plymouth Tapestry Festival in August 2019. The app gives you access to a range of historic sites and stops in Plymouth, including the Pilgrim Hall Museum, Plymouth Cathedral, Plymouth Museum of Natural History and more. Commissioned by the Pilgrims' Pilgrimage Museum and the New England Historical Society, it tells the story of the English settlers who arrived on the Mayflower and the Wampanoag families who inhabited the region for millennia before their arrival. Story of Shells in Native America begins with the story of how the Mayflower and The Pil Grims left Plymouth in 1769 to embark on a new life in the Atlantic with an unscheduled stopover in Plymouth, England.

Together they will illuminate the journey of the Mayflower and the pilgrims, including the famous ship that set sail from Plymouth, England, on September 16, 1620, officials said. Salem, where they arrived with about 35 colonists in the direction of Plymouth; others boarded the Mayflower, where they were received by the pilgrims at the Pilgrimage Hall Museum.

On August 21, 1620, the two ships set sail again, but the Speedwell began to leak again and both ships returned to Plymouth, England.

Instead of making the trip, the separatists wanted to stay in New England, where they founded the Plymouth Plantation and received enough support to establish a Plymouth Colony in Plymouth, MA. On 21 August 1620 they set sail again, this time with the intention of establishing a "Plymouth Colony" in Plymouth. In 1621, on August 22, 2016, after completing the first voyage from Plymouth to Boston, Massachusetts and the establishment of a colony in the United States of America, a new group of colonists from the USA and Canada set sail to found the new colony of Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Stormy weather and navigation problems forced the Mayflower to abandon her course and she had to leave Plymouth and return to England on April 5, 1621. On November 21, the pilgrims reached Massachusetts, where they founded the Plymouth Plantation, one of the first colonies in the United States of America. After docking at Provincetown Bay, they arrived at Plymouth Harbour and continued to build their city. This should have been postponed until COVID # 19, but it did not happen as it happened on 22 August 2016, just days after the foundation of Plymouth.

The Sunrise Toast and Bon Voyage event was scheduled for the day the ship left Provincetown for Plymouth, but has been postponed until 2021. There will be a range of events and exhibitions taking place in Plymouth to mark the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower, from art, music and theatre to installations and festivals. Key events include the opening of a new museum, the celebration of the 200th anniversary of Plymouth and the reopening of one of the oldest buildings in the country.

Over the next few months, more than 150 special events are planned in Plymouth, from the opening of a new museum and exhibition to the reopening of one of the oldest buildings in Plymouth. One of the biggest is the Tour of Britain cycling race, which will draw huge crowds in Devon.

The official maritime salute, which will take place at Plymouth Harbour on 27 and 28 June, will be the next major official event. The Mayflower Ceremony will be presented as an all-American program with performances by the Plymouth Choral Society, the Plymouth Music Accord, the University of Plymouth and the Plymouth Symphony Orchestra. Pilgrims, "the pilgrims will experience four classical concerts conducted by Plymouth Music Accord.

A few days later, the Mayflower Pattern will signal the arrival of the first of many ships on the way back to New England. On June 26, many of these ships will make their way to Provincetown to gather information near the site before the event. The tour will focus on events before and during the trip, as well as on the trips that would change the world. During the visit to the provincial town, Mayflower II will be the subject of a special exhibition at the Natural History Museum of Plymouth.

The Plymouth 400 website contains information about all companies and organisations that work with Plymouth, as well as a list of events in the area around Plymouth. Information about accommodation and directions to Plymouth can be found there and much more.

To inspire and spur the development of this work, artists and project partners will participate in two research trips, the first of which will take place in April 2019 in Plymouth, Massachusetts. NEHGS is touring the UK, and the online show, originally set to cross the US, will explore this story in detail in a series of interviews with artists, writers, historians and historians from Plymouth, Provincetown, Boston, Duxbury and elsewhere. Two tours over three days will take the group to historic sites in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts associated with the pilgrims, including Plymouth and Provincetown, as well as Boston and Duxbury, among others, according to the association's website.

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